Intensive Distribution is when a product is made available in many retailers. The products that are sold intensively are usually low priced or impulse purchase products.
An example of the use of Intensive Distribution would be for chocolate bars. They can be found almost everywhere. (grocery stores, department stores, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.)

  • Intensive:
    • seller's unit costs for stocking are low;
    • convenience for customer is critical.
In intensive distribution the product is everywhere. An example would be the retailing of gasoline. If you look at all the major retail outlets, they are on every corner. In an intensive distribution, the stocking costs are typically very low. Convenience for the customer is critical. When they decide that they need gas or toothpaste, you'd better be there. Convenience is more important to the customer, whereas in selective distribution they are willing to travel to a retail outlet and have fewer choices for that type of product.
An Intensive distribution example could be Gillette razor blades